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5 Tips for improving your stairs from our decorator Swansea team.

5 Tips for improving your stairs from our decorator Swansea team

White stairs with a wall behind them that's been painted a light grey by our decorator Swansea team

​Is optimising your stairway a priority for you? Want to reach new heights with magnificent stairways that lead to seamless transitions between floors? We have a superstar decorator Swansea crew and today we’re going to provide you with five tips for painting and decorating your staircase so that it makes a bold statement.

Our decorator in Swansea's tips for improving your stairs

The staircase is often the first thing a visitor notices while entering a building. So it’s essential that it makes a strong first impression and establishes the desired mood. To inject more character into a home or business, you might also want to try something new and display an interesting, unconventional style. Here’s how to make a good impression anytime, everywhere.

Use a single and striking colour

Consider the room’s present colour scheme, or if you’re starting from scratch, be sure you have a plan for a new one. Just by adding a coat of high-quality paint, you can make your staircase look a thousand times better. To use a bold tone is to either choose it to make your colour scheme pop or to use it as a contrasting element to make your design more adventurous. Painting’s charm lies in the artist’s unrestricted ability to express themselves creatively. Examine the shade you’ve settled on, whether it’s an addition to the existing colour scheme or a stark contrast. And then pick out some representative examples of the ones you think would work best.

It's not just stairs we can advise on

In other blog posts, we discuss colour choices for your living room, child’s bedroom and home office and how they pertain to interior design. Anyone interested in colour theory or learning new techniques that may be applied to any room should read these. Check out our other posts for some simple and chic painting inspiration. Or hire our professional Swansea decorator and painter if you’re still unable to decide on colours.

Make an artistic impact by using two colours instead of one

Are you familiar with the term, “colour blocking”? Well, it’s the practice of combining two or more colours to produce a unique visual effect. Within the bounds of this need, your imagination is the only limit. You can use the two-tone pattern on both the tread and the riser, or only the tread. Simple yet elegant, this method can be applied to the selection of stair material. Or any of the last touches of a professionally decorated home.

Hang wallpaper

The steps of a staircase might be a great place to put any spare wallcoverings you happen to have laying around. Putting wallpaper on your stairs is an easy and unique way to give your staircase a facelift. Select a print with a small-scale modern pattern. The elaborate wallcovering, named “Rotin,” is only one example of the beautiful simplicity that is available. These kinds of designs are great for high-traffic areas. This is because they help to disguise the dust and debris that inevitably accumulates there. Do you live in Swansea and need wallpaper services? Then hiring a professional painting and decorating firm will save you time and energy. Also, it removes the possibility of ruining your favourite wallpaper due to inexperience.

Paint an illusion

When redecorating, why not also replace the runner on the stairs? Use your imagination and paint a stair runner; this idea complements the one about alternating colours. Our number one piece of advice is to choose a foundational shade that will carry your colour palette forward. Then use a secondary, opposing shade to draw attention to that shade as though it were a decorative border. Using a carpet runner will provide a beautiful finish and eliminate the need for frequent vacuuming. This is a simple yet chic suggestion for sprucing up your walls.

You should paint the bannisters and railings

It may seem like painting the bannisters or railings is a no-brainer. But you’d be shocked at how many people put off giving their staircases a good coat of paint. If you are considering a house renovation and are thinking about hiring a decorator Swansea team, you can rest assured that this painting project will improve the look and impression and truly create a standout staircase.


If you require help, hopefully, this article may provide you with the information you need to successfully paint your stairs, railings and bannister. This easy-to-follow advice will be instantly useful in rescuing your stairwell. However, the team of Swansea painters and decorators is always standing by to provide a hand with any business or residential painting or decorating project. So get in touch with us if you want a job well done. Or if you need help with a bigger project and want to avoid the hassles of painting yourself.

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