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Will you move the furniture?

Hiring painters and decorators in Swansea to paint the interior of your home will save you a lot of time and stress. However, you can do things to make the process even more efficient. While some professionals may offer to do these things for you, keep in mind that you’re paying them to paint. Not to prepare and move the furniture! We recommend doing these things yourself, additionally, if you want to save a little money.

We will cover the furniture with plastic sheets

Our Swansea painters and decorators firm will cover up your furniture with plastic sheets. But you still need to make sure it’s not in their way. We don’t want our experienced team to be stumbling around on your furniture. Especially if they have a full paint bucket in their hand! If you can, move the furniture out of the room being painted. 

Move the furniture to the centre of a room

We always advise the homeowner to relocate the furniture to the centre of the room. Then place all of the wall hangings, window blinds, and knick-knacks on top of it. There should be a minimum of 2-3 feet between all walls and any furniture or obstructions. Professional painters typically achieve the most satisfactory results while painting with more space. Not only is this the most efficient approach for labour time, but it also provides the painter with more leverage while applying the paint. As a result, the finish is smoother, more uniform, and more appealing. We’ve seen and learned all sorts of space-saving suggestions from our customers through decades of service. This includes how to move furniture and decorations efficiently around a room while painting. Although, the ideal time to paint any room is when it’s empty rather than holding all the furniture in the centre of the room.

Dining room that we would have to move the furniture out of or cover it

Save money

Removing the furniture from the room before having it professionally painted can not only help you save time. But it will also help you save money on the overall process. Painters are able to manoeuvre furniture or utilise shorter tools more quickly because it is easier for them to sidestep tall, cumbersome, and bulky objects. As a direct consequence of this, you will spend less money on hourly labour. This is because the job will be finished in a shorter amount of time.

Arrange somewhere else to sleep

​While this is more of a general piece of advice, you must create alternate sleeping arrangements before us arriving if you plan to have a bedroom painted. You probably wouldn’t want to sleep in a freshly painted bedroom. This is because unpleasant paint fumes and the possibility of accidentally touching fresh paint will be a burden. Remove your bed mattress before our arrival. Remove anything from your bedroom walls and wrap any nightstands or dressers in plastic. If the cupboard is going to be painted, please take everything out of it. We know the importance of your personal belongings and wish to minimise the negative impact of the damage.


Here, our decorators Swansea team don’t want to get in your way and aim to make your life as easy as possible. Contact the house painters Swansea staff about all your interior painting needs for a high-quality and professional job done right.