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Can you provide scaffolding?

It can be a difficult task if you’re painting a standard two or three-story house. This is because working at a height can be a complex and risky job. Our decorators in Swansea recommend using scaffolding as working from it is far more convenient than working from a ladder. This is because it’s stable, provides a large work platform, and has an extensive reach. It can even help you get the task done faster and less pain and soreness. Don’t worry if you don’t know a company because we can provide scaffolding. Here we will demonstrate how to set it up safely and securely.

Ladders or scaffolding

When you use a ladder, you have to move it every time you finish a section. This can make you tired, slow you down, and make you lose energy more quickly. Additionally, if you want to do the painting work efficiently and with the necessary balance and stability. Then you’ll need a variety of ladders capable of performing spins and twists. For example, you’ll need a twenty-five-foot ladder with extendable legs so that you can climb using the extension ladder. Additionally, you’ll need a flexible ladder, such as a thirty-two-foot ladder, an eight, a six, and two three-foot ladder. This would be to effectively paint a 3500-square-foot exterior house in five days with assistance. Scaffolding can be erected so you can work outside of the building without having to move any of your tools. Scaffolding will provide you with the mobility you need to paint the exterior of a building.

Just think about not having to get off, move, and re-climb your ladder constantly to reach different areas of your exterior wall! And you will quickly realise just how much faster your project can go.

Photo of a man walking under scaffolding that can be provided

Health and safety

In addition, ladders have particular safety regulations that must constantly be followed. This is to avoid the risk of serious harm or even death. Scaffolding does not have any vertical or horizontal restrictions, in contrast to ladders. Scaffolding can offer you the protection and movement you need to safely complete your task. This means you won’t have to risk your life trying to reach a little higher or further up your exterior wall in order to avoid relocating your ladder. Instead, you may use scaffolding to do your work. It is a much more secure choice. When you are standing on scaffolding, it will be the same as when you are standing on the ground. You receive a firm foundation to operate from. So this means you do not have to perform your tasks while standing on the base of a ladder.

Painting requires preparation; in most cases, the walls need to be cleaned, brushed, and treated before the paintbrush can ever come into contact with them. Utilising a ladder and enlisting the assistance of another individual to firmly plant it on the ground makes the task at hand significantly more difficult. Because it does not place as many restrictions on your movement as a ladder does, scaffolding makes it easier to avoid harm. When using a ladder to access a section of the structure that is tough to get to, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of falling down the rungs.

Our painters can provide scaffolding

The size of your home will affect how you use scaffolding and the amount of effort necessary if you use a ladder! So keep that in mind. While many people already have access to a ladder, scaffolding would entail additional costs. The price will vary according to the size of your home and the amount of scaffolding required. However, rates typically begin at about £250, and most scaffolding firms will provide a free quotation service. Nothing to be worried about! We can provide scaffolding with our house painters in Swansea. Want more information on how we could save you time and money when painting your house? Take a look around our website or get in touch with a member of our team today.