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Children’s bedroom paint colours by our painters Swansea team.

Children’s bedroom paint colours by our painters Swansea team

A child's room that's had a pink and blue stripe painted diagonally across the back wall by our Swansea painters

​Ready to start a family and ready to redecorate your kid’s bedroom? Here we’ve compiled a list of seven of our favourite paint colours for a kid-friendly area. And we hope they will bring forth feelings of happiness, tranquilly, and optimism in your young charges. Use these colour schemes, ideal for a boy’s or girl’s bedroom in any property, as a jumping-off point for creative experimentation. We promise we have the ideal painters Swansea team so you can get started on your next painting and decorating job right away. Visit our services and get in touch with us if you need domestic painters and decorators for your upcoming renovation and painting project.

Different potential colour options

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the various paint colours available. Then you may make your kid’s bedroom perfect and make them happy.

Dayroom Yellow

The neutrality of yellow makes it a great choice for decorating any space. Also, its lively and bright tint evokes the warmth and brightness of the sun. Farrow & Ball’s Dayroom Yellow is the perfect colour to reflect daylight. Also, it creates an upbeat and optimistic atmosphere for your child’s bedroom. So if you’re looking to make a bold statement or just want to shake things up a bit, this paint colour is perfect for accent walls or painting furniture.

Little Greene

Who wouldn’t want the exterior to be a scene of adventure and the great outdoors? Hidey Hole is a tranquil, light green that works splendidly in your room and encourages creative thinking. Green is a colour that promotes health and wellness. So why not use it to make a great and inventive room for your kids?


In a monochromatic setting, Edward Bulmer’s beautiful smokey mauve makes a lovely and enchanting girl’s bedroom. Our painters Swansea team suggests using Sanderson’s Aesops Fables wallpaper with this paint colour to make a bold statement. This classic, sultry colour is perfect for establishing a mystical, dreamlike ambience.

First Dawn

One of our favourite hues for all the ways it can be used and interpreted. Dulux’s First Dawn is a beautiful, sky-blue colour that would look great in a child’s room. Create a space that is soothing, calm, and gentle for your child by skillfully manipulating the lighting. One of the best options for a beautiful bedroom is First Dawn.

Fruit Shake

A remarkable hue, Fruit Shake radiates a calming, feminine vibe that makes the room feel warm and welcoming. This pinkish-positive tint is just the right amount of creamy; it’s not too light and it’s not too dark. The colour pink evokes warmth and good happiness. Do you want to uncover other colours for other rooms? We have a blog post on what colours you could paint your living room, so make sure to take a look!

Verdigris Green

Our painters and decorators haven’t forgotten about those of you who prefer bolder, more eye-catching hues. If you want a vibrant and tropical room then you could go for Farrow & Ball’s Verdigris Green from their Colour by Nature palette. This rich blend will fit a neutral colour palette, so it is not too oppressive for your child. Visit Colour Designer to play with colour combinations and build the perfect palette.

Icy V

We’ll wrap off our top picks for paint with Paint & Paper Library’s Ice V. A combination of this cool blue with a deeper colour for the woodwork and trims would look great in your child’s bedroom. Use this paint colour to transform a boring room into a lively gathering spot; its neutrality and blank slate potential make it ideal.


Discover any great colour schemes for your child’s room. The painters Swansea crew are big fans of writing about our preferences and offering helpful hints on our blog. Call us right away if you have any interest in our services and require a painting or decorating task to be done.

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