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Do we need to remove the carpets?

With a fresh coat of paint, you can transform any space in your home into a new theme or atmosphere. While certain rooms are more accessible to paint than others, carpeted rooms are the most difficult. Preparing to paint is essential because it is challenging to remove spilt or spattered paint from carpeting. So, do we need to remove the carpets you ask? Well, the answer is no. And our painters in Swansea have gathered some valuable tips on painting a carpeted room while avoiding any unpleasant disasters. However, if you have an unusual situation then perform an internet search for decorators near me and explain your project to the company.

Carpet or paint first?

It is essential to consider whether to paint or carpet first when installing carpet and painting within a short timeline. Suppose you have already installed your carpet, nothing to worry about. The house painters Swansea staff make it possible to paint a carpeted room.

Measurements and supplies

To begin, take measurements of the room, including the overall square footage and the length of each wall or portion of the wall. It is necessary to purchase supplies. In addition to the interior wall paint, you’ll need:

  • 5cm masking or painter’s tape
  • Enough drop cloth to cover the room’s floor
  • A marker
  • A small flathead screwdriver
  • A plastic 5cm putty knife
A living room with carpets that the owner asked if they needed to remove


Drop cloths made of canvas are the best carpet protectors. They are easier to spread out, and unlike plastic, they don’t need to be taped down. They also won’t cause your ladder to slide around on the carpet. Before painting, cover the carpet with 30cm pieces of masking tape, then work your way around the room, starting at the doorway. Use a putty knife to press the tape into the gap between the baseboard and the carpet. Arrange the canvas cloth and secure it with the masking tape to the pre-existing tape protecting the carpet borders. This will form a barrier of tape and plastic between the drop cloth’s outside border and the wall. Stretch and secure the canvas cloth with additional masking tape. Your carpet is entirely covered at this point.

Painting and runners

Continue painting and remove the drop cloths and tape carefully once the paint has dried thoroughly. This will be roughly 24 hours after the last coat. Although these drop cloths aren’t cheap, you don’t need to cover the entire floor with them. A long, narrow ‘runner’ is an excellent option. You can move it around the room by dragging it. A runner is ideal for carpeted stairs and you can secure it with tiny nails to avoid tripping.

What to do if you get paint on your carpets

While paint can be tough to remove from various surfaces, fabric and upholstery, including carpet and rugs, can be particularly challenging. Have you accidentally spilt fresh paint on your carpet? The important factor is the time! You need to remove the splattered paint as soon as possible with the appropriate tools. Remember that the method you use to remove paint from the carpet will ultimately depend on the type of paint you have on your hands. Cleaning equipment for water-based paints will differ from those for oil-based paints. You can keep the carpet paint from becoming a permanent accent in your home if you have the correct cleaning gear and a good understanding of the clean-up methods. We hope we have if you need to remove the carpets on this page. But to avoid all the potential problems you could just hire our pro painting and decorating Swansea team.