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Our Swansea decorators advice for your living room colour choice.

Our Swansea decorators advice for your living room colour choice

Photo of a living room in Swansea that decorators have painting with a light grey paint on the walls and white ceiling

The challenge of picking the ideal colour to paint your living room may be both thrilling and difficult. It’s simple to get confused and uncertain about what colour to select when there are so many alternatives available. Don’t worry, however, our Swansea decorators offer some advice in this blog post. And we hope that it may assist make the decision-making process simpler.

Our Swansea decorators tips

Think about your desired setting

First, decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your living room. Do you like a nice, pleasant setting or one with a buzzing, dynamic atmosphere? It’s crucial to choose a colour that complements the ambience you want. This is because it may have a big influence on the room’s general mood.

What is the lighting like?

Lighting is a further essential consideration. Your living room’s lighting, both general and task, may have a big impact on how a colour appears. For instance, although artificial lighting may make colours look warmer or colder, natural light can bring out a paint’s actual hues. To ensure that your selected paint colour appears excellent in all lighting, it is crucial to test it in a variety of settings. And if you are unsure then contact a professional house painter.

Consider the furniture that will be there

While choosing a paint colour, it’s also crucial to take into account the current décor in the room. Your walls’ hue should blend in with your existing furniture, curtains, and other elements, not compete with them. You may want to use a more neutral wall colour to balance the room if your décor uses a lot of dramatic or bright colours. But, if your décor is more understated, you may add a splash of colour to the walls to give the space some personality.

Sampling is key

Next, try out different samples of paint on your wall before deciding on one. By doing so, you may see how the colour appears in your area and how it changes as the day and lighting circumstances vary.


Finally, selecting the ideal colour to paint your living room is a process that takes serious thought. Try out samples while keeping in mind the lighting, current décor, and the vibe you wish to create. If you need any more advice then feel free to contact our decorators in Swansea. But hopefully, finding the ideal hue to make your living room a place you’ll like spending time in is easy with these helpful recommendations.

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