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What colours should you paint your home office?

What colours should you paint your home office?

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Working from home or choosing to do so means you need to choose the colours and decor schemes that will help us get into the correct headspace. A pleasant working environment may have a dramatic impact on our mood and productivity. We understand that workplaces, where employees may unwind and concentrate, are preferred by the vast majority of people. So these are the perfect colours to paint your home office if this describes you.

Colour options to paint your home office

The following home office design ideas will help you create a more productive working environment and promote serenity in the workplace.


A calming shade of blue can soothe an overworked mind and enhance performance (the University of British Columbia reports). Even while we love the electrifying blue colours, settling with a lighter tint prevents overstimulation.


Our decorators in Swansea love the colour green and think it is an excellent option. This is because green is a soothing, refreshing colour that helps you reconnect with nature. Which is especially important in today’s world of rolling lockdowns.


The best of both worlds might be if you opt for a peaceful blue-green interior design. But only you get to make that call.


Soft violets, which have a blue base, are also well-suited to office settings. And this is owing in great part to the colour’s blue base. So when it comes to your work environment, lavender can help you find some much-needed inner serenity and harmony.


Is pink the colour of creativity? The brighter the colour, the better, especially if you’re trying to achieve a sense of peace and tranquillity. So adding a pop of pink to your home office is a great way to make it more stylish while also inspiring new ideas and approaches. Therefore, if you’re working in the creative industry, a flamingo pink wall might be just the thing you need to get your mojo back.


Are you contemplating going grey? Don’t do it!

There is no surprise that many of us intentionally choose to work from home instead of the office. This is because of the strong dislike, many of us have to slog away in a drab office cubicle. And according to studies at the University of Texas, grey is the worst colour for a home office. It’s easy to see why. This is because anyone who’s ever worked in a dreary, drab office can witness the depressing effects on one’s mental health that these environments can have.


The colour white might be an excellent choice for an office setting. As you can’t beat the mental clarity that comes from working in a clean, white-walled environment. But if you do decide to go with white, you might want to think about pairing it with black fixtures and furnishings for contrast. We have a lot of experience in painting home offices and we think the combination of black and white is ideal for a home office.

Ideas for the interior design of your home office

Accent walls

The office loves accent walls just like home cinemas do. As accent walls are back in style, they may inject some life and style into a dull office area. They are a great way to liven up your workspace and offer your coworkers something to speak about during Zoom meetings. So if your working hours are disrupted by a desire for order and logic, consider a feature wall decorated with geometric patterns and shapes. Also, consider using designs that are zanier and more flamboyant if you want to provide a vivid feeling of excitement and spontaneity.

Get some plants

A small amount of greenery may go a long way. This is because plants have been demonstrated to have a calming effect on people. So if the prospect of painting the walls seems too overwhelming, consider adding a few hanging plants to your home office to complete the look.

Hang up a vision board

Having a vision board in your office can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, a vision board serves as a visual representation of your goals and aspirations. By having it prominently displayed in your workspace, you are constantly reminded of what you are working towards, which helps maintain focus and motivation. Secondly, a vision board acts as a powerful tool for manifestation and goal-setting. When you surround yourself with images, quotes, and affirmations that align with your desired outcomes, it creates a positive mindset and attracts opportunities to turn those visions into reality. So overall, a vision board in your office can inspire, motivate, and empower you to achieve your professional aspirations.

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