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Which painting and decorating prices?

Our painters and decorators in Swansea can completely transform the appearance of your home. Whether you’re remodelling it to bring it up to date, preparing it for sale, or simply changing the way you use one of your rooms. Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to transform the appearance of your home. Here, we’ve calculated the painting and decorating prices of hiring a professional to paint or wallpaper your room, repair damaged woodwork, or repaint the exterior of your home.

Average painting and decorating prices

Medium-sized room

As to this guide, we’ve estimated the average cost of painting a medium-sized room of around 4.5m by 4m. The cost of painting a single medium-sized room, including preparation, a first coat, and a second coat the following day after the first has dried, is approximately £400 for the labour.

More than room

If you are painting more than one room, the price will increase in proportion to the amount of work required. The cost of decorating a large room rises directly proportional to its size. Removing wallpaper will increase the overall cost, and when the plaster behind the wallpaper needs to be repaired before it can be painted, the ultimate cost will increase. But for a more accurate quote, search for painting and decorating prices near me and ask their staff.

Hallways and stairwells

Painting in double-height hallways or above stairwells can also raise prices since it takes longer. The average cost of painting hallways, landings, and stairs is £750. Hallways, docks, and stairs present several nooks and painting and decorating issues that are well worth the cost of hiring a professional to handle.


Painting a ceiling costs an average of £350. Ceilings are one of the more complex surfaces to paint in a room. You’ll need proper ladders and more comprehensive painting tools to complete the job effectively. Additionally, you must apply the paint so that the finished paintwork is free of drips and defects.

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Exterior painting

The exterior of your home can be dramatically improved with a fresh coat of paint. Preparation work for exterior painting can include removing moss and other plants, filling gaps, and applying a stabilising primer that allows moisture to escape from the brickwork before painting. After that, it’s usually a two-day process to finish painting. When it comes to exterior painting, you should expect to pay between £800 to £1,200 for a three-bedroom semi-detached house. While a larger property will likely cost more like £1,500. It’s essential to protect the exterior of your house from the elements like wind, rain, sun, and temperature fluctuations. The external painting of your home has to be treated using a long-lasting, high-quality solution.

The paint cost

You will also have to budget for the actual cost of the paint. Different paints can cost around £10 for 5 litres to £50 or more. It depends on the brand, quality, colour, and finish. You will need to pay the tradesperson who performs the task along with the materials. The average daily pay for a painter and decorator varies according to location, experience, and the type of work required. Our Swansea painters and decorators may charge on a per-day basis. Painters typically charge between £150 and £250 a day for their labour.


Many DIYers believe they can paint and decorate themselves until they see the low quality of their job. It’s challenging to get the high-quality finish that professional decorators achieve. But that’s because they’ve spent years training and honing their skills. One of the joys of hiring our painting Swansea team is we deal with all the fiddly bits of decorating.