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Is there anything I need to do before painting and decorating starts?

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Is there anything I need to do before painting and decorating starts?’. And we say it’s worth investing a little extra time and effort in prepping your walls before painting, as a result, it will be far better. Preparation is important for a great experience and time and money savings. There are a few simple things you can do before the arrival of your selected painter and decorator that will benefit them greatly and eventually make your life much easier. Before you can enjoy a successful painting project, you must first put in the time and effort necessary for wall preparation. It’s a recipe for disaster if you attempt to paint on an unprepared surface. So the painters and decorators in Swansea we employ have collected some guidelines to help you complete your painting project.

Removing the items

The majority of people frequently mistake painting their homes immediately after removing belongings, laying drop sheets, and applying tapes. However, there is more to preparing your home for painting than that. It is well-known that painting is significantly easier when there are no obstacles. It entails completely clearing the room or as much as feasible. So if you’re painting your living room, centre big pieces of furniture and cover them with old sheets or drop cloths. Although wiping down the walls may appear to be an unnecessary task, it is necessary.

It's not just about removing the items

Before proceeding to the beginning of the painting process, inspect your room’s walls for flaws such as holes, dents, or cracks. Then use a putty knife and a light spackling compound to fill and repair any flaws. Once the putty is applied, wait for it to dry before removing the excess. After drying, smooth the surface with fine sandpaper and clean the walls with a sponge or moist towel. Then any artwork or photographs on the walls will need to be removed. But if you intend to rehang them after the decorating is complete, leave the hooks in place so that everything can be rehung. Remove any televisions or other electrical items mounted on the walls to avoid potential harm. Likewise, light fixtures should be removed or lowered from the ceiling.

A wall that we covered with silver wallpaper in a bedroom with three photos hanging over it which they needed to remove before the painting and decorating starts

Cleaning the surfaces

After completing this prep work, it’s time to wash the walls with detergent or sugar soap. And then rinse thoroughly with clean water, leaving a clean and dust-free surface. This will ensure that nothing will harm the finish. Also, assure that your cloth is damp but not saturated to avoid soaking through the walls. And allow the walls to completely dry before proceeding! This is because any moisture remaining on the wall could create bubbles in the paint. You may need to use a stronger grease-cutting detergent for particularly oily and grimy surfaces, such as kitchen walls. Then after that, rinse well with clean water to remove any remaining detergent. For the project’s duration, the entrance to the room being decorated will be restricted. So remove any items that you may require, as entry may be difficult once work begins.

Small steps help our painting and decorating team massively

Considering that you’re paying for the painter and decorator’s expertise and time. We think it’s a good idea to take care of these smaller tasks before their arrival so that they can focus on the task at hand. The Swansea house painters crew have a wealth of knowledge regarding interior and exterior painting and decorating. Get in touch with us right now to talk about your next project!