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Once finished, how long is it before a room is usable?

Are you considering having a room painted? You may be wondering once finished, how long is it before a room is usable again? If it’s a bedroom you could be thinking if it’s safe to sleep in. Or if it’s a kitchen, maybe you’re asking yourself, when can I get back to cooking? All these queries arise once our Swansea painters and decorators complete the job. Here is everything you need to know about moving into a room that has been painted.

Plan before painting

Before the painting job starts, you need to make a plan. The plan is to allow the room adequate time to dry and air out before moving occupants back in. It may not seem like a big deal, but paint fumes have been known to cause health issues previously. It’s important to take paint projects seriously because paint products include toxins. Interior painting fumes should not be inhaled for a long period by children with lung problems or the elderly. It implies you will have to wait a few days before returning to a freshly painted room. A newly painted room will dry in between two and eight hours.

The paint will produce fumes known as Volatile Organic Compounds during and after drying. Volatile organic compounds are the strong odours you smell from new products. This can be from paint, wood, carpeting, and many brand-new products that give off a strong odour. Oil-based paints, often known as enamels, have a stronger odour and cause headaches, nausea, and sinus irritation. Before sleeping in a room painted with oil-based paints, regular oil-based paints and latex paints may take up to a week to emit. Water-based paints, which are primarily latex, have a mild odour and dry reasonably rapidly. This produces fewer VOCs than oil-based paints.

Photo of a living that has been finished and won't be long before the room is usable again

Ventilate the room

As the paint dries, it is important to ventilate the area and make sure all the fumes from the paint are out. Consider using air purifiers, fans, and open windows once they’ve been moved back into the room. Ensure that ventilation is maintained during painting. And, as a rule of thumb, for at least 2 to 3 days afterwards. If you have a newborn baby, you should allow the room to air out for an additional period of time if you will be sleeping in the room after painting. To assure your child’s safety, place them in a different room for two or three days before returning them to their own.

High-quality paint

The type of paint used will significantly impact the level of hazard posed by house paint fumes. If your home, like the majority, was constructed using sheetrock, you can use latex-based paint, which is significantly less corrosive than oil-based paints. Even across brands, the level of toxicity varies! Therefore, it’s critical to consult a professional painter to determine which products are the safest. We provide low- and no-VOC paints. These paints contain fewer pollutants and emit no scents, making them extremely safe to use in a nursery or child’s room without requiring a wait time before sleeping there. Additionally, many of these products are manufactured locally and with recycled materials. This also reduces our environmental effects.

Contact our painters and decorators

We can advise on any type of room that we paint and about how long it is before a room is usable again once finished. So contact our Swansea house painters about all your interior and exterior painting needs. That is if you want a high-quality and professional job done right.