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What about cleaning afterwards?

Painting a house may be a messy process. As your painters work, splatters and spills may occur. Various tools and materials might get strewn about your project as your painters go about their tasks. You obviously cannot leave your home in a state of disarray. You may want to clarify who is ultimately responsible for cleaning up any messes that occur following the completion of the paint job. Do painters clean up after themselves?

We clean afterwards regardless of the job

Whether working on a business or residential job, our painters in Swansea clean up after themselves before leaving. Our team operates appropriately and safely, from cleaning and preparing the surface to clean up after the painting part. Here, we’ve collected some tips on how we clean after a job well done.

Cleaning the room afterwards

Interior painting involves a great deal more than simply painting the walls. Before painting, there is a long process of selecting paint colours and prepping the area to be painted. Similarly, several steps must be taken to clean up once the paint is applied to the walls.

Cleaning the equipment and tools

Cleaning paintbrushes and rollers is crucial to complete after painting as soon as possible. It is essential to carefully clean them after each painting session; otherwise, you will have to replace them frequently. A solvent should be added to the reservoir if you use spray equipment. The solvent should be sprayed through the device until a clear liquid emerges. To dry your sprayer, dismantle it and let it air dry. Brushes and rollers should be adequately cleaned with a solvent if they were used. To clean your brush’s bristles, use a wire brush. Cleaning the roller is much easier with a curved plastic or metal tool. When using oil-based paint, clean the roller by rolling it in a paint tray containing white spirit. Finish by hand-washing with soapy water and carefully rinsing. When the rollers are clean, hang them up to dry.

A photo of a brush and vacuum cleaner that is being used for the cleaning afterwards

Removing the tapes

When removing masking tape from window and carpet edges, always ensure that the paint is completely dry before peeling the tape away carefully – never pull it out rapidly. A bladed scraper can be used to scrape away any paint from windowpanes. After that, the glass can be cleaned and polished using chamois leather. We recommend waiting two weeks before having the interior or exterior windows cleaned after the trim is painted. It can take paint this long to thoroughly dry and cure. It’s usually possible to remove paint splatters from fixed fixtures by wiping them off with a moist cloth. Try using a blunt knife to scrape difficult places. Take care to avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

Check the paint before cleaning

Before you start cleaning up, you should make it a habit to double ensure that all of the paint has fully dried. Even while cleaning up after a project can be time-consuming and unpleasant, it is a vital component of every job since it ensures that you will always have clean equipment that is in working order for your next assignment. If you carry out these steps in the correct manner, you will be able to take pleasure in a home that is not only cleaner but also more secure; in addition, your house will have the appearance of being freshly remodelled.


These are the steps we take with every project we complete. So you can rest assured that the cleaning afterwards is handled professionally. However, if you are going to paint a room yourself and have read this for advice then please follow the process carefully so you get your desired result. But if you don’t want to risk getting paint over your property then give our Swansea painters a call today.