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How to optimise your painting website for local leads.

How to optimise your painting website for local leads

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Are you a painting company looking for more clients in your area? You’ve arrived at the right place. The house painter in Swansea is here to assist you in expanding your painting business. While you may already be using other methods such as social media or referrals, improving your painting website is a terrific approach to connect with homeowners who require your services. 


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is still king in the digital marketing space. So SEO services for painting companies are popular. Use Local SEO to your advantage, and optimise your site for local searches. Even Google prioritises local businesses and displays local service providers based on a search location. The vast majority of leads for local contractors come from their Google My Business directory or website that appears in local search results. So optimising your website for local search can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with search engines and internet marketing. Our team of painters and decorators in Swansea have done this and can advise you on what to do.

Google My Business

You’ve probably heard of Google Maps. If you’ve gone to Google to search for a local service, you probably noticed that a map listing pops up highlighting businesses in your area. All of these businesses have grown naturally through local SEO efforts. Making sure your painting website is in the local pack is an excellent approach to getting in front of possible consumers seeking your services in their area. When determining which contractor websites to display to searchers, Google ensures that only the finest are displayed. They prefer not to direct searchers to a site that will not offer them the desired information. With an XML sitemap, meta descriptions, title tags, and ALT tags, you can ensure that your website is in the most excellent form possible.


When you think about it, this marketing situation is like a person who wants to paint their house. They want to do the job, but do they “really” know how to do it right and have the tools to do it well? Especially when things like removing wallpaper, pressure washing, removing popcorn, knocking down texture, and so on come up? The same thing goes for any marketing campaign. Most likely, it’s best to give it to someone who does the work often and knows how to improve performance and all the little details involved. We want to offer Swansea the finest painters in Swansea, so we always strive for our painting website to show up and you should too.

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