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How to choose the best paint colour for trim?

How to choose the best paint colour for trim?

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Painting your home’s interior trim can radically alter the appearance and atmosphere of a room. Whether you want to paint your baseboards, window trim, door frames, wood panelling, or cabinets, the expert painters and decorators in Swansea can help you. In this blog post, we will discuss the best paint colour for trim.

Choosing the best paint colour

When selecting the right trim colour, you have a few options. Different colour combinations can produce other effects and highlight various aspects of your space. You may want your trim to match the colour of your walls or highlight interesting features in your room. Or even create a bold contrasting look to add visual interest.

Match the colour to existing features

Most people match their door colour to their trim colour, so white interior doors are standard. White is the classic colour, but it can be challenging to obtain the appropriate shade of white. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of different colours of white. The numerous possibilities can be perplexing. The easiest way to narrow things down is to consider undertones and natural light availability. Stick to “bluish whites” for your coolest wall colours. When a room is filled with natural light, cool tones look fantastic. The clean appearance created by the light reflecting off the trim is excellent for a beach house. Warmer walls with limited natural light benefit from the use of more yellowish off-whites. In this setting, whites of a cooler temperature may seem grey.

Stand out with a contrasting colour

If you want something a little bit more daring and on-trend, you might want to think about painting the trim in a contrasting colour. This tactic is effective when you want to draw attention to exciting features. Some of these could be windows, doors, fireplace mantles and high peaks outside your property. If the walls in your room are a softer, more neutral tone, adding trim in either black or dark blue can be a fun way to inject some drama into the room. Additionally, it looks fantastic when placed against darker walls, which also lends an air of drama to the space.

Keep it simple

The use of colour palettes that complement one another helps to provide a look and ambience that is more harmonious. The trim is typically painted in gentle neutral colours like white, cream, or beige or the more subdued natural wood tones to attain this look. So you may subtly draw attention to the room’s textures and details while still allowing the wall colour to be the focus of attention by keeping the trim simple. As it is both traditional and adaptable, this is likely one of the trim colour combinations that are used the most frequently. But get an expert opinion by searching for decorators near me and finding our company.


Choosing the best paint colour is usually one of the most difficult decisions when designing a room. It mainly includes dozens of paint chips, multiple paint swatches rubbed at random onto the walls, and at least two trips to the paint store. Our team of Swansea painters and decorators offers trim painting services that can fit your needs. So whether you need to touch up the paint on your inside trim or you want to add a splash of colour to your home. These services can be tailored to match your specific requirements. We are skilled painters in Swansea that can give your trim the transformational effect you desire. And also the durability to withstand daily wear, cleaning products, children, and pets. So whether you need to renovate the entire home or just one room, a professional trim painting team can ensure that every room looks its best.

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